Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wear + Tear: Check It

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Top: Handmade | Trousers: Zara | Gilet: eBay | Hat: Thrifted | Shoes: eBay | Ring: Emgems

My first "Outfit of the Day" post, or Wear + Tear as I've decided to moniker it, in a very trailblazing, avant-garde sort of way.

Today was one of my favourite, slash, least favourite days of the year - the day when I switch my closet interior from summer, to winter wear. To celebrate, slash, mourn, I took an introspective wander to my favourite autumn spot, which, let me tell you, was a feat in itself donning four-inch biker "shoots" (an amalgamation of shoes & boots, see what I did there?) I was both pleasantly surprised and 'well-of-course' nonchalant about this year's A/W trends - the tartan, punk vibe is the sort of thing I adore & can very often be found wearing. So it was checks galore this morning - inspired by the grungy layering at Givenchy & Versace - in my tightest pair of checked Zara trousers, accompanied by a jet faux fur gilet - doing it for the veggies. Accessories included a golden tiger eye ring from a small shop in St Ives, Cornwall, an antique gold cross pendant from my grandmother, and the only hat in the history of the world that has actually fit my skull, from a Chinese boutique on eBay. 

What trend will you be representing this winter?

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